DOJO KUN – 道場訓


1.  一つ、礼節を忘れない事。We will observe the rules of courtesy and honour the principele of etiquette.

2.  一つ、努力精進を怠らない事。We will foster the spirit of effort.

3.  一つ、心技の向上を図る事。We will look upwards to wisdom and strength.

4.  一つ、チャレンジの精神を持ち続ける事。We will seek to cultivate a spirit of challenging.

5.  一つ、常に反省を忘れない事。We will never forget to reflect on oneself.

6.  一つ、より正しい実践空手の道を全うする事。Through the discipline of Jissen Karate, we will seek to fulfill the true meaning of Jissen Karate way!



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